Freewill Donations

We use all donations to support the Retreatboat.

For example:  For the "kitting out"
we need to upgrade the kitchen (or galley) to a suitable standard.
Fit out the "conference  area"
We shall need traction batteries and solar panels.
Other miscellaneous equipment.

Operational costs
Training for the skippers, they have to have a "boatman's licence"
Commercial Insurance costs,
  &   "Certificate of Compliance" (Boat meets safety standards) costs
Mooring fees and the commercial  "boat licence"

Payment information

You can pay by debit or credit card,you do not have to have a "Paypal" account,
although you can use that if you want to.
If you want to make regular donations  you can set those up in Paypal

Thank you for your donation and your help
It had been much appreciated

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