OpenWord is an open discussion, it is not a formal "Bible Study". It is open to all who attend to express their views, and ask questions.It allows for digression, so that the practical application of the passage can also be explored. The usual method is to start at the beginning of a given Bible book and then work through it chapter by chapter. In this way the whole context of the book is appreciated.

Dorothy Hyde has been leading this type of Bible discussion since her early years in ministry, and has found it to be popular, by virtue of the fact that it is a relaxed style and generates fellowship around the "Word"

At the moment the sessions are held on a Friday lunchtime (so that employees at the Airport can join in during their lunch break). 2 sessions 12:15 to 1 pm and 1pm to 1.45pm. These are held at the Heritage Centre in Diseworth, only a few minutes from the Airport. The first session also includes a brief communion service.

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